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The thought leadership factor requires belief

Do you believe your offering is leading the way for your customers? I’ve found it is easy to lose focus, and eventually loose heart.

Sometimes I’ve worked so hard on my offering that I’ve run out of energy to deliver it with a real sense of belief. One way to stay in that belief is to write out what it is that I do for my customers. Repeat to yourself daily, out loud. Get in contact with customers who have benefited from your service or product. Ask what they got out of it. Add those statements into your daily reminders of what good you do.

I’ve found by reminding myself of what good I do, and practising it daily, I can keep my mind in tune. Have you tried it?

The business owner has to believe in what is being offered. Then a customer will trust, and business will happen.


Are customers walking away without buying
because you forgot the want factor?

I’ve been thinking about The Want Factor:

The road to Castle Hill Station always had cars parked on both sides of the road. Then a car park was built, just for that high country sheep station. But why?

So many businesses think they need to discount to gain customers. They think that no-one wants their product or service if it costs the same or a similar amount to other businesses. I love talking about marketing uniqueness and how we business owners can breakout of the prison cell of discounting to attract customers.


Its a story about freedom. Now what has that got to do with the jersey I’ve taken a photo of? That image reminds me of Castle Hill Sheep Station, which is quite near me. It’s a place of freedom.

Pricing became important at my farm when we started selling goat milk soap

I came to realise that if I felt compelled to sell our goat milk soap at a discount to everyone else, just to get the soap out the door, it would be like living in a prison cell. We can’t get a discount on most of the ingredients, they are the best quality in the world. Our soap ingredient suppliers are not discounting to attract customers.

So as a business owner, I’d feel hemmed in if I had to discount. So we don’t.

I choose freedom. I choose freedom because deep down, that is what I want.
How much freedom do we choose at the farm? Sheep Station Freedom!

What do I mean by choosing Sheep Station Freedom?

Well, if I was in an Auckland or Wellington apartment, it wouldn’t take me long to walk from one side of the apartment to the other. If I was on my farm in Oxford, it wouldn’t take that long before I found a boundary fence.

But if I was on a sheep station in Central Canterbury New Zealand… A New Zealand sheep station might be 30,000 acres wide. You could scale a hill, and walk down the other side without touching the boundaries!

For me, pricing freedom is the want factor

That’s the kind of freedom I want to market my products.

I don’t want the business owner in the next shop, next street or the other side of town dictating to me what price I should put on my particular soap.

I want to be able to sell my product anywhere, at the price I command, regardless of competition. That is my WANT FACTOR, like X-Ray vision. It may not be practical, but that is what I WANT.

Can the Want Factor turn into reality?

Our goat milk soap, Milk Relief Soap™ is sold all over the world, at the price we set. It’s a unique natural soap. It only has 6 ingredients + lye, and gives natural care for eczema and psoriasis.

Does your business know what your favourite customers’ want factors are? If you don’t, you may be missing out on some profitable sales for that very reason.

I know you’re probably already too busy now.

Everyone has the want factor at work in their lives every day

What if you found the want factor of your favourite customer type and changed your message to them so you saw more of them everyday?

Perhaps you could get more of the right kind of customers that fulfill the want factor you have for your business too.