Hello, my name is Tereza. I am a business consultant with a focus on marketing, a blogger and a passionate learner.

I fell in love with marketing during my studies at the university of economics in my home country. After some time, I decided to focus my life and career on a more international path. I followed my dreams about studying in Denmark, where I currently live and study a Marketing Management programme.

I have a huge passion for business and being able to help people to grow in their personal and professional life. During my studies I volunteered in many different volunteering programs that included helping new students, managing social media accounts and marketing activities. That and my passion for entrepreneurship led me to establish my own marketing company. I enjoy helping small businesses and entrepreneurs achieve their goals.

During my education, I worked on many different projects with various companies. I also gain knowledge through self-learning. I’m every day continuing to grow and develop my skills. I am enthusiastic about learning something new in the field that interests me.


I’m interested in a sustainable lifestyle and a plant-based diet. Because of these passions, I created different projects you can enrol in if you are a small business owner or entrepreneur operating in those fields.


I am a well-organized, patient and punctual person, that is always ready to help you and your business to grow. Due to my creative soul and innovative personality, I will push you and your business forward to achieve your goals.

I am here to help you develop your business. So, if you are looking for someone helping you to grow your business, then let’s talk!